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Events : March 14, 2012

Please see the Tiib website for events and exhibitions at Tiib.


reading group : music : sound : theory
March 14, 2012 19:30
part of project: Tallinn Cage Group

John Cage turns 100 in 2012, and all manner of events are underway for a worldwide celebration. At Ptarmigan, we'll be hosting ongoing meetings that will investigate his numerous writings, theories, and compositions. The Tallinn Cage group is organised around the model that Cage's ideas are openings and portals into creative practice; we will begin as a reading group, but hopefully delve into interpretations and performances as the year progresses.

The group is open to all! We'll begin by looking at Cage's most well-known book, Silence, and tonight we'll discuss the first 65 pages ('The Future of Music' through 'Forerunners of Modern Music').  If you need the text, get in touch, as we can provide it.

For more information, see The Cage Centennial.

workshop : physical computing : arudino
March 13, 2012 - March 14, 2012 18:00 - 21:30
part of project: Hobilabor
presented by Hobilabor

The idea of this workshop is to introduce electronics, the Arduino open source micro-controller platform and it’s possibilities to partipiciants. Arduino is a little computer that everybody can program to work with different sensor and actuators. You can create robots, synthesizers, alarms or something rather peculiar.

The workshop is primarily intended for those who are not familiar with electronics and Arduino.

Age limit 16y - 999y

NB! Bring your own computer.  Arduinos and parts for the workshop are provided by Hobilabor.

Workshop price is 5€ -- (you can pay on the spot in cash).

  • To introduce the Arduino hardware
  • To introduce the Arduino IDE (Software)
  • To introduce the Arduino language (code)
  • Demonstrate through practical tasks how Arduino communicates with the outside world using sensors and other input / output devices
  • To have fun!



13th - 14 March is the Arduino ( workshop for beginners (programming skills, etc. in the field of electronics are not necessary).

First day:
  • Examine the Arduino platform and possibilities
  • Demonstration projects and demo
  • Hands on: learning the Arduino language, write the first program and upload it on the Arduino microcontroller
  • first experiements with sensors
Second day:
  • Learning to code and experiment with different sensors and actuators
  • Participants can choose the project they want to experiment with themselves
  • The more courageous can try to build something by themselves
  • All participants will present their projects

This workshop is led by Rene Rebane. Rene has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts graphic design in 2010. One of Hobilabor’s founders and has created many different electronics workshops with Toomas Savi.

Tel: 55531873