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Events : April 21, 2012

cultural walking tours
April 21, 2012 15:00 sharp
part of project: artHOP

artHOP is a socially engaged hopping betweens places. Our 2012 programme of artHOP consists of a series of 6 tours around Helsinki sites. The tours have been mapped out by Christine Langinauer (XL Art Space) and Sari Kivinen (Ptarmigan).

During the tours we will visit a combination of art charged sites as well as sites considered 'potential' for future inhabitation. This time we will meet at Kulosaari metro station which will be our first site of contemplation. We will then travel together to the Iraqi Embassy where we will experience an exhibition titled The Female Version by Assia Kaab.

“Without the occasional outbreak of happiness or the shadow of a gloomy episode, the monotone and bleak lives endured by so many would be unbearable. In a world where the pursuit of happiness is never fully achieved condolence is handed to us by unlikely heroes. Tragedy is not Tragedy if it fails to provoke emotions and leave an Imprint. Be it happy, be it sad or anything in between , it all has been felt by women who took the journey from their homes in Iraq to escape imminent danger.” (Assia Kaab, 2012).

We will then travel to Kontula via metro with our guide who will take us to selected places considered potential sites of cultural activity. 


artHOP is a leisurely (yet active) Saturday afternoon hopping group. 

Welcome along! 


artHOP's 2012 dates 

14.04.12 Meet at XL Art Space klo 15

21.04.12 Meet at Kulosaari metro station klo 15

09.06.12 Meet at Kamppi (exact location tbc) klo 15

04.08.12 Exploring Lauttasaari klo 15

01.09.12 Exploring Punavuori klo 15

13.10.12 Exploring Kallio klo 15


Image credit: Assia Kaab


gig : music : party
April 21, 2012 22:30

Live in concert ... a special late night performance at Kodu from,

  Roman Pilates (CA) Roman Pilates is the solo Harsh Drone/Harsh Noise project of Kevin Crump. Roman Pilates utilizes composed low-rent tape loops, found sound sampler work-outs, old school analog synth frequency freak-outs, amplified/processed back alley junk metal and sometimes astral realm homemade horn blasts. All combine under the guise of the genre heading Noise/Avant/Experimental Drone or file under post-industrial/abstract film soundtracks. Roman Pilates has been almost as active as my other two passion projects, fronting T.O. Noise-punk combo "Disguises" as well as acting founder and CEO of Wintage Records & Tapes. All projects have existed for 7 years, touring countless times to Montreal, Canadian east coast and back. Wintage Records & Tapes has enjoyed great success with releasing homemade, hand-crafted limited edition cassettes by the likes of Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, London Ontario's Nihilist Spasm Band, Brooklyn New York's Mouthus, and various side projects from American Noise figure heads Wolf Eyes, all while focusing the attention back on local independent noise makers and Can-con avant underdogs.   Nosfe (FI) Nosfe has been making experimental music since mid 90s. Mostly he's been working together with different bands, most notably Grey Park and Nega. Performing only with electronics and no instrumentation, things will get noisy.   Ratkiller (EE) Ratkiller kills rats! Ratkiller is good!