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Cristiano Rosa: "Short lived like a butterfly", Koelse
concert : performance : electronic : audiovisual
November 27, 2010
part of project: Pixelache
presented by Pixelache, Ptarmigan and Koelse

“Short lived like a butterfly” – Performance

“Short lived like a butterfly” is an audiovisual performance that uses unique electronic instruments, delicate and unstable, built by the combination of assorted materials found at electronic debris, using Circuit Bending. These devices when played together generate electrical signals that reach a wide range of frequencies (from audible to ultrasonic). Depending on the combination of these signs, to locate its source is impossible because the space is filled with this mass of sound that resonates in our body. The instruments are unstable and sometimes they can simply stop, creating a constant risk during the presentation. All these malfunctions or glitches turn part of the improvisation.

KOELSE from Finland

Finnish circuitbending & hardwarehacking crew will show you some recent projects, and play some dirty and experimental music.