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Tallinn Cage group
reading group : music : sound : theory
14. märts 2012 19:30
osa projektist: Tallinn Cage Group

John Cage turns 100 in 2012, and all manner of events are underway for a worldwide celebration. At Ptarmigan, we'll be hosting ongoing meetings that will investigate his numerous writings, theories, and compositions. The Tallinn Cage group is organised around the model that Cage's ideas are openings and portals into creative practice; we will begin as a reading group, but hopefully delve into interpretations and performances as the year progresses.

The group is open to all! We'll begin by looking at Cage's most well-known book, Silence, and tonight we'll discuss the first 65 pages ('The Future of Music' through 'Forerunners of Modern Music').  If you need the text, get in touch, as we can provide it.

For more information, see The Cage Centennial.