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The Instant Clothes Museum Workshop with Dr. Felicity Ford
workshop : sound art : clothing : textile
03 May, 2012 00:00 11:00 - 16:00

In this workshop, we will work in pairs to inventory and celebrate each others' outfits, creating an instant and ephemeral museum documenting the things that we are wearing. Felicity Ford will provide tags and printed sheets to assist in the spontaneous creation of this Instant Clothes Museum, and fashion-posing/photography plus radio interviewing will ensue! The session will culminate in a gift-giving session, in which participants will choose a badge for whomever is their partner during the workshop, to compliment their outfit or emphasise some aspect of their clothing which has arisen during our discussions. The workshop will last for 5 hours, including a short presentation at the beginning, a one hour lunchbreak, and possibly a short walk into Tallinn city to pick a suitable location for a fashion shoot!

Participants just need to wear their own clothes, and bring pens and cameras (if they have them).

Dr. Felicity Ford is a sound artist with a particular interest in everyday sounds, documentary projects, and creative processes which use sound to make us think differently about ordinary reality. Ford’s work links creative sonic praxis specifically with social concerns and the contexts of everyday life. Questioning the primacy of The Formal Concert as a site for dedicated listening, she is particularly interested in working with platforms such as the Internet and Radio which allow her work to be experienced in informal settings such as within the home, on the daily commute, during one’s weekly errands, and so on. See also // 

Dr. Ford's visit to Tallinn is supported by the British Council Estonia and MoKS.