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Archive / In the past

walk : workshop : 3 days : journey
July 31, 2014 - August 01, 2014 Thursday 19:00-21:30, Friday 10:30-17:00
Featuring artist: Sara Evelyn-Brown & Meera Shakti Osborne

Human space workshop invites participants to collectively embark on a journey through Tallinn using an incorrect map. Together we will celebrate and document entries, exits and boundaries in our search for the edge of the landscape through a series of drawing, sound and movement led exercises. The workshop examines our physical relationship to different spacial environments and ways in which it might be documented and represented in an image, movement or sound.

The workshop is based on the combined interdisciplinary practices of Sara Evelyn-Brown and Meera Shakti Osborne, both scenographers from the UK with a visual artist background. Time, space, movement, sound, map making and journeying, are key themes within their collaborative work.

We like games and rules. Finding ways of creating work collectively, exploring winning and losing, embracing everything. The relationship between the body and the things that we make is also important and a central part of the process.

The workshop is open to all. It may be of specific interest to those working in disciplines including: scenography, performance, sound and visual art.

Schedule for each day- it is important for participants to take part in the walk in preparation for the Friday workshop.

Thursday 31st// Walk - 19.00-21.30

Friday 1st// Workshop- 10.30-17.00

What to bring/wear

1. Bring drawing materials and paper (we will also have spare materials)

2. Wear comfortable footwear & clothing that is good for moving

sound : art : presentation : discussion
July 25, 2014 15:00

Ptarmigan welcomes Mexican sound artist and composer Mario de Vega to give a presentation of his work, before the evening Sound Room X concert at Kultuurikatla Aed.  Mario's work questions the use of technologies of chaos and systems at risk of collapse. His sound goes beyond preconceptions about noise and silence. It offers a unique experience for the senses.

Mario will give a talk and presentation of his work, followed by an open forum for questions and discussion. 

music : improvisation : performance : sound
July 17, 2014 22:00
Featuring artist: Brett Sroka

NYC-based trombonist and electronics artist Brett Sroka is at Ptarmigan for a short research-based residency and will be presenting his work in a concert. Brett will play solo and with John W. Fail in a series of thematic improvisations. The audience is encouraged to participate through movement, adding or subtracting sounds, and making their presence active rather than merely listening in silence like the typical concert of improvised music.

adešõn aren't a punk band made up of a dancer and two instrument players. 

This event will also feature Ernie's Pop-Up Spa, where local artist Ernest Truely will offer fantastic hair stylings and head/shoulder massages, on stage, while the music is going on.

presentation : discussion : seminar : culture production : economics : how-to
July 09, 2014 19:30

Opening Operations is a monthly series in 2014 that investigates the practical methods through which culture is produced.

Each month, a representative from a different Estonian culture organisation will present their activities as well as their operating budget and finances. The speaker will discuss a challenge or problem unique to their organisation, and the presentation will be followed by a group discussion. The goal is to share methodologies, open dialogues, and research creative alternatives to real-world problems involving money, labour, and collaboration. This project also seeks to democratise and demystify the act of "organising", proceeding from the belief that there is no right or wrong way to do things, and that different approaches breed more exciting and dynamic cultural forms.

This month's speaker is Evelyn MüürseppEvelyn Müürsepp-Grzinich is a visual artist and cultural coordinator based in southeast Estonia. After working as an artist-in-residence in Iceland and Finland, she co-initiated MoKS (Mooste Center for Art and Social Practice) in Mooste, Estonia. MoKS is now Estonia's longest-running artist-run initiative, starting in 2001. While coordinating activities and finding financial and mental means for running anartist-in-residence center, she also has maintained her practice as a visual artist. 

Light snacks and refreshments will be served, and the discussion will be recorded and released afterwards online in podcast form.

Avatud Toimingud/Opening Operations is a project of Migrating Art Academies and is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

workshop : slogan making : printing
July 05, 2014 11:00 - 17:00
presented by Grafodroom, Sac Magique/Robin Ellis, Päivi Raivio

During the workshop participants will design, screen print and distribute an A2 slogan poster. The workshop will take place at the print studio Grafodroom. The slogans, random and ultimately meaningless, have been produced with random slogan generators and will be in estonian and russian languages. The emphasis will be on producing bold, simple posters using 1 to 2 colours and paper stencils for quick execution. The posters will then be pasted around Tallinn.

The workshop is supported by Kulturkontakt Nord.

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game : intimation : rules : play
June 28, 2014 - June 29, 2014 15:00 - 15:00

Taking the format of a traditional game jam, this event will be an intensive development session of guessing game design.

"A guessing game has as its core a piece of information that one player knows, and the object is to coerce others into guessing that piece of information without actually divulging it in text or spoken word.” - wikipedia

During a period of 24 hours we will design the rules and framework for a face-to-face multiplayer game which involves slowly revealing hidden information in a way that allows the other player(s) to uncover it gradually, resulting in a clear moment of information and measurable game-power transference. We will be talking about methods of hinting; subtle suggestion; symbolic confession; tenuous (mis)understanding and risky communicative shots taken blindfolded. We will aim to fulfil a definition of the game format which includes clear instructions for players and which supports the outcome of a winner (or winners) and a point (or multiple points) of conclusion.

We'll begin at 3pm with an introduction over a big breakfast and keep the coffee from burning through the night as the guesswork takes shape. No game design experience necessary, though it is welcomed warmly.

If sleep is essential, we'll provide a comfortable surface upon which to drop.

More information : HH / OP

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tour : walking : psychogeography : guided expedition : urban exploration
June 17, 2014 19:00
Featuring artist: Will Slater

A walking tour of approximately 60-90 minutes. Meet at Ptarmigan at 19:00; the group will leave at 19:15 SHARP!

In the first performance of an ongoing project, 'What we've learned while walking', Will Slater leads the audience on his attempt at a walking tour of a city that's new to him. He will attempt to find some key historical and cultural landmarks of Tallinn, but with this being an exercise in psychogeography, he will most likely miss the important locations and instead tell you of the associations that he makes bewteen this city, and his memories of other travel destinations that occupy his mind. 


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performance : walking : guided expedition : space : perception
June 16, 2014
Featuring artist: Nikki Kane

Starts at Ptarmigan at 19:30; the group will leave at 19:45 SHARP!

A short, led walk on a devised route, moving through spaces around the area of Ptarmigan, led by artist-in-residence Nikki Kane.

This walk seeks to consider the effects of the conditions of space and of ‘participation’ on movement, perception and thought. By creating opportunity for both individual and collective experience, its form aims to open out awareness of details in our surroundings that may usually be overlooked.