Ptarmigan is now closed.

Ptarmigan operated in Tallinn from 2011-2014. This website exists as an archive of its activities during this time. We no longer maintain any presence in Tallinn, but some people involved with Ptarmigan are now operating Temporary in Helsinki.


Helsinki Public School launch
workshops and courses : administrative
21 January, 2010 00:00

Kello 19:30.

part of project: The Public School Helsinki
presented by The Public School

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL is a school with no curriculum. At the moment, it operates as follows: first, classes are proposed by the public (I want to learn this or I want to teach this); then, people have the opportunity to sign up for the classes (I also want to learn that); finally, when enough people have expressed interest, the school finds a teacher and offers the class to those who signed up.

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL is not accredited, it does not give out degrees, and it has no affiliation with the public school system. It is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.

The Helsinki Public School will be launching in early 2010.  This meeting will be for anyone interested in participating in the project; we will finalise the committee and discuss ideas for promoting the project throughout the city. This event is open to anyone.  Coffee will be served.

For more information, check out The Public School website.