Ptarmigan is now closed.

Ptarmigan operated in Tallinn from 2011-2014. This website exists as an archive of its activities during this time. We no longer maintain any presence in Tallinn, but some people involved with Ptarmigan are now operating Temporary in Helsinki.


Mapping culture workshop for artHOP tours
mapping workshop and tours
09 June, 2012 00:00 klo 11:00 -klo 14:00
part of project: artHOP

artHOP is a socially engaged hopping betweens places. Our 2012 programme of artHOP consists of a series of 6 tours around Helsinki sites. The tours have been mapped out by Christine Langinauer (XL Art Space) and Sari Kivinen (Ptarmigan).

This artHOP will begin with a workshop that invites you to map the surrounding area of Kamppi (where we will be situated).

artHOP is a leisurely (yet active) Saturday afternoon hopping group.

Welcome along!