Ptarmigan is now closed.

Ptarmigan operated in Tallinn from 2011-2014. This website exists as an archive of its activities during this time. We no longer maintain any presence in Tallinn, but some people involved with Ptarmigan are now operating Temporary in Helsinki.


Tallinn Cage Group, May 2012
reading group : music : sound : theory : performance
23 May, 2012 00:00 19:30
part of project: Tallinn Cage Group

To celebrate the John Cage Centennial, Ptarmigan is organising an open, monthly event to explore Cage's ideas and creations. This month we will get back to Silence, looking through the 'History of Experimental Music in the United States' (pp. 67-75) and 'Where Are We Going? And What Are We Doing?' (pp. 194-259). This group is open to everyone even if you have not attended before; if you are interested in the ideas and theories of John Cage, then please come!

We will also start to consider performing some of Cage's work for a public Cage event in June. If there are any scores, instructions, or other exercises by Cage that you think might be fun, bring them and we'll take a look!