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April is shaping up to be a busy month of music here at Ptarmigan. In addition to our regular open sessions each fortnight (where a local artist performs a short set and then the audience is encouraged -- no, required! - to collaborate) we are accomodating several touring artists during the month. Though our room is small, our audience is warm and welcoming so we hope to provide an alternative space for experimental and avant-garde sounds in Tallinn.

On two Mondays we have touring artists performing. On the 14th, ASTEPBACK arrives from Italy. Andrea Saggiomo performed here two years ago as 70fps (with Aspect) and will again be bringing the world of 16mm film and sound together. Supporting them, appropriately, is Plucié des Andes, consisting of Marek and James from Ptarmigan Finland. On the 28th, Den Arkaiska Rösten (from Uppsala) brings their unique blend of drones and tones, and open session mastermind Ted Parker will be supporting.

The open sessions will continue throughout the summer and additional musical activity is always a possibility...


We're pleased to have our good friend Hannah Harkes officially join the team, where she will be Director of Creative Hemispheres the IInd. Hannah will be reponsible for all Ptarmigan activities during the gap between the end of Andrew Paterson's residency and the start of our yet-unscheduled Summer 2014 madness.

Hannah Harkes is a Scottish artist currently based in Tallinn, Her work sits in the interstice of slapstick and sincerity; where play meets morbidity and temptation meets repulsion. The drawn mark informs her practice, as does language and forcibly changed context. On the question of the viewer's position, she is becoming increasingly interested in who the player is.

And the standard bio: After graduating from Gray's School of Art in 2011 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking, Hannah became resident at Polymer Culture Factory in Tallinn, where she mainly made video works from the depths of an existential crisis. She returned to Scotland to do a drawing/durational action exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh then moved to Finland where she worked for some time at the Nelimarkka Museum in the middle of nowhere, resuscitating the dusty stone lithography facilities and making comics. She was invited as resident artist to the Novia Fine Art school in Jakobstad, Finland, where she formed an art school band and released one cross-genre album before disbanding and returning to Estonia, to co-run Grafodroom printmaking workshop and artists' studios in Tallinn's old town. From this spot she is now working on video games, audio games, comic books, upcycled contraceptives and sometimes prints. 

At Ptarmigan, Hannah plans, in collaboration with others, a handful of events that are connected perhaps only by the desire to encourage people to do things together and also to do things with things that don't do the things that those things usually do. 

We've worked closely with Hannah for over two years, through various events in both cities and at Tiib, and love her incredibly. With her energy we will hopefully survive the darkest and coldest part of this winter.

As the memories of Done Kino 2013 might be already quite blurry, let's refresh them with some photos.

Dk_poster_bck In_2013-08-10_16.18.54 In_2013-08-10_16.41.01 In_2013-08-13_16.15.07 In_2013-08-15_19.40.55 In_being_dubbed_tallinn In_img_0660 In_img_0661.jpg____ In_img_0666 In_img_0677 In_img_0689 In_img_0710 In_mg_4381 In_mg_4383 Out_2013-08-15_20.40.16_copy Out_img_0674 Out_img_0700 Out_img_0705_copy Out_img_0707 Out_img_0712_copy Out_img_1043 Out_mg_4374
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